Spin and Win & Magical Vegas are on a Mission of Making Dreams Come True – guaranteed!

The early bird catches the worm, but your success and the proverbial worm are sadly not always conditioned by the mere timing. With Spin and Win, however, everyone can be a winner if they act quickly and head straight to the casino for their share of the casino’s guaranteed prizes, be it cash or the Free Spins session.

You heard it, there are no losers with Spin and Win Prize Grabber! To get a piece of the shared prize pool, just click on the Opt-in button and deposit a minimum of £20, which will immediately qualify you for a portion of 1,000 Free Spins. Higher deposits will open up the possibility for monetary prizes and every entry between £50 – £99.99 will put you in a race for a share of £400. Deposits from £100 to £199.99 will unlock £600 prize pool, while big spenders who like reaching for the stars can aim at £1,000 with deposits of £200 and up. The promotion ends Monday, 18th of June, where the big revelation is not whether or not you won, but how big is the piece of the award that the casino will have in store for you!

The things are just as busy and exciting over at Magical Vegas, where the anticipation of the Mystery Mail is almost unbearable (it is even safe to say that it measures up to waiting on your very own Hogwarts letter of admission!) and will keep the casino members who opt-in on the their toes up until 18th of June, when a guaranteed freebie from Magical Vegas is finally due to arrive. The requirements are the same as with Spin and Win promotion and to grab the shared pool award, £20 is the starter amount. Should you like to compete for the cash prizes as well, the deposit requirements are the following:

  • £50 – £99.99 = £400
  • £100 – £199.99 = £600
  • £200 = £1000

No need to say good luck – this time luck is guaranteed!

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