Spin and Win has Cold Cash and Warm Hearts

By BestOffers / February 5, 2018

Everyone is beginning to feel that loved up haze that descends midway through February; we go from living blissfully in love to suddenly wanting to shout it from the rooftops, our lungs almost letting out. Or, for those of you who are anti-Valentine’s Day, you sit at home and celebrate in your own unique way. No matter how you do it, this time of year brings out a side of people you don’t see all year round, a fact which Spin and Win Casino seems set to emphasise.

Just like those of you who welcome all the lovey dovey novelty of this holiday, this online games brand has decided to put on a promotion that’s sure to blow your socks off. In fact, we’d wager that it’ll blow you mind quicker than your partners can, and with the end result being something that doesn’t fall into our laps all that often. Cold. Hard. Cash. That’s right, this contemporary casino is offering those who opt in, the chance to win part of a £25,000 prize fund. Talk about loved up, we’re seeing big love hearts filled with money.

Cold Heart Cash

We wish we could take credit for the pun of this offer, but the truth is that Spin and Win came up with it first, and so we tip our hats to them. Not that it’ll be the last time we do that, as this February deal has a stress free set of terms that are bound to make joining in all the easier. Take the minimum deposit for example, it’s a cool £20, with that amount alone able to enter you into a prize draw for a share of £1,000. Of course, the more you allocate and stake on the slot machines, the better your chances of getting more money.

The system in place is referred to by the label as a cash ladder, with any players able to join in. Although there’s no guarantees that you’ll win anything, the opportunity of doing so increases tremendously if you keep on flashing your cash. If this is something that you’re interested in seeing through, Cold Heart Cash will only be active until the 13th, with the winners than announced the following day. As there’s no bonus money being shared out, the cash is rollover requirement free! What is more, there’s no limits on how many times you can enter. That being said, Spin and Win are looking out for those customers that try and abuse such offers.

Seeing as how this deal started on February 1st, there isn’t all that much time before the promo draws to a close and that mountain of £25,000 is shared out among the winners. Consequently, if you wish to learn more, perhaps even start joining in, it’s advisable that you do so now, so that you have more time to put into playing those pokies. You never know, this Valentine’s Day could be the one that you remember for the rest of your lives…

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