Newest CasinoPop popTicket Raffle

By BestOffers / January 10, 2018

Have you been following the magnificent series of successful raffles at CasinoPop? No worries, we’ve got your back – we can do it for you so you don’t miss any if the future raffles. Pop art fans unite because CasinoPop has prepared another delicious popTicket raffle for you! This time, the offer includes a trip to trip to the fantastic, elegant and proud Czech Republic. Have a beer, cross the Charles Bridge and check out the world’s oldest Astronomical clock in Prague, the country’s capitol but before that you’ll have to take part in CasinoPop’s ongoing promo.

As a member of CasinoPop, you have the chance to play the unique popSpin game and win valuable prizes such as free spins, cash rewards, level-ups and more but for the raffle the only thing that counts are popTickets. These lottery-type tickets will help you get in the game for the Czech Republic prize trip, as long as you collect quite a few of them.

You are supposed to play the popSpin game under Rewards to collect popTickets, and the more tickets you accumulate the better the odds of winning in the draw. As you win the tickets, they will be automatically added to the raffle pool. This makes things all the more easier as you don’t have to opt-in or place additional deposits or anything, just play. The prize trip to Czech Republic will be awarded in form of a cash sum equivalent to the costs from Stockholm to given destination. The amount will be transferred to the account of the winner at the end of the raffle.

As always, CasinoPop promises a runner-up prize if the pool counts a whole lot of popTickets, which is almost always the case. Let us remind you that previous CasinoPop raffles awarded raffle winners with trips and holidays to Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, France, Iceland and Gran Canaria. You could be the next winner to go on a trip to the enchanting European country of Czechia!

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