Magical Vegas has an Indecent Proposal for You

By BestOffers / February 6, 2018

February is a time of year that a lot of us associate with romance and love, seeing as how Valentine’s Day is on the 14th. As beautiful as it is to celebrate the love of your life, this isn’t all that this special day with offer you this year, and it’s all thanks to Magical Vegas Casino. This online brand has decided to give you a present that your spouse isn’t likely to give… a huge wad of money! That’s right, Magical Vegas has an Indecent Proposal for you and it’s all for the chance to grab a slice of £25,000; think about what that money could mean for you.

Of course, if you’re to get your hands on that final prize or even a small part of it, you’ll need to opt into this special network event, and to do that you need to be a member of Magical Vegas. If you’re not keen on that idea just yet, it’s worth knowing that this online brand tends to bring high quality promotions to their customers on a regular basis, although you don’t need to just take our word for it.

Risque Cash Rewards

This promotion will run from Feb 1st until the 13th, giving you enough time to plan your Valentine’s Day plans and aim for that huge pile of cash. The basis of this bonus is so simple, you’ll kick yourselves if you don’t get involved sooner rather than later. All players need to deposit at least £20 to qualify, with the more you wager giving you a better chance of a larger slice of the prize fund.

Even though you can stop at that basic £20 stake and hope for the best, it makes more sense to deposit and bet more money, as this moves you up that cash ladder that leads to the £25,000. Not everyone who enters will necessarily win, but the more often you try the better your chances of being one of the few who will be contacted on February 14th. And wouldn’t that be the best romantic gift of all – a gift to yourself from yourself for being so awesome? Magical Vegas seems to think it would be.

For those of you that never move past the basic £20-£49 threshold, the most you can win is a share of £1,000, which while exciting, isn’t nearly as generous as the top end of the cash ladder. Should you be willing to push the boat out more, say between £350 and £999, you could receive a share of £4,500! And those who deposit and bet more than £3,000 will be in with the biggest piece of the action, with a share of £8,500. Really though, the best news of all, at least for the winners that is, is that the money won comes with no wagering requirements due to the money being real cash and not bonus funds.

As this promo has already started, the sands of the hourglass are already trickling away, and so we suggest that you start betting on those slot machines you love so much. You never know, that passionate for the reels and paytable could lead to one hell of a Valentine’s Day present.

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