Dive into Spin and Win’s Lucky Lake

There’s many reasons why March is such a good month: the first day of Spring finally comes round after a harsh winter, there’s young animals being born, fresh flowers are finally growing again, and then we have Lucky Lake. If the last reason on our list seems like the odd one out, it sort of is, due to the fact that it’s related to the online casino Spin and Win. You see, in order for them to celebrate March to the fullest, they’ve created several promotions, including that of Lucky Lake.

Don’t let the name of this bonus fool you, as it actually has very little to do with lakes and more to do with a prize draw worth up to £2,000 and 1,000 free games, depending on how well you fare. If this sounds familiar, that’s because Spin and Win has done prize draws like this before, though the cash prize has been much larger for previous special offers, not that this should deter you from opting in.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into the depths of this deal, it’s about time you learned about how to go about that, otherwise you’ll be nothing more than a fish flopping about on dry land. And nobody wants to be looking like that!

Into the Lake

As quickly as we’ve tried to get this news to you, sadly March 5th was the official first day of this bonus, meaning that you’re coming into this promotion a day late. Don’t worry though, as it shouldn’t set you back all that much, a fact even more true when you consider how easy it is to get started. Registered players need to deposit £20 between the 5th and 11th of the month to first qualify, with every deposit of £20 and stake of £50 thereafter leading to more tickets for the prize draw.

For those of you who want to start loading up the games of this website as we speak, it has to be noted that only slot machines count towards this bonus, not the live casino or any other form of activity. This may sound limiting, but in truth it’s quite generous, seeing as how Spin and Win has a huge supply of pokies. As you can see, this is quite a simple deal, isn’t? Well, it keeps on remaining that simple as we move forward, which makes this a great opportunity for you to grab yourself a considerable amount of cash.

What we most appreciate about this offer is that even budget gamers receive some form of return, true it isn’t a slice of that big money pie, but it is a share of 1,000 free games, which is pretty good going if you ask us. To get those spins, you need to collect between 1 and 19 tokens. Should you break this barrier, by following the steps we mentioned earlier, customers will receive a share of £400, with this amount increasing the more tickets you obtain as you play. If you get to the top 100 gamers, £1,000 will be split between all others who’ve fared just as well as you. To find out if you’ve made the cut, you need to login to your account on Monday March 12th to see which of the prizes have been credited to your account.

Given the fact that Lucky Lake has already opened its banks to customers, we’d suggest getting stuck in with this promotion as soon as possible, so that you avoid falling too far behind gamers who started before you. And remember, you need to deposit £20 and/or wager £50, on one armed bandits, for your opt in to work.

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