The Casumo Super Snowball Promo

By BestOffers / January 11, 2018

Casumo’s Super Snowball Promo is already in progress and lasts only until 14th January, so you better hurry up if not already on board. Why? Because there’s tons of awesome freebies to be picked up on daily and weekly basis, including a chance to score €10,000 cash prize every single week during the promotional period. Start off by opening an account and claiming daily prize chests. Then upgrade your chests to claim better rewards and collect snowballs needed to enter the Super Snowball weekly draw and potentially claim €10,000 in cash, a tropical safari, hi-tech gear, or a classic among motorcycles, the one and only Harley.

Open Daily Prize Chest for Free Spins and Bonuses

Each player is eligible to open one wooden prize chest per day and subsequently claim a reward of Free Spins or bonuses. They are also given an option to upgrade their chests and benefit from more generous rewards. Upgrading is done by way of funding one’s account with larger amounts, so that a deposit of €20 to €49 delivers a silver prize chest, that of the value between €50 and €99 upgrades your chest to a golden one, and a deposit of €100 or more makes it go diamond. As the value of your chest increases, so does the value of rewards hidden inside. Whatever kind of gift you receive, make sure to activate it during the same day or else it will expire. Attached wagering requirements of 30x deposit + bonus have no time limit so there’s no need to rush.

Qualify for the Weekly Super Snowball Reward

Upgrade your chest at least 3 times during the week and you’ll also become eligible to crush the weekly super snowball. Apart from depositing specified amounts, there’s nothing else you need to do as snowball will crash automatically on a Monday. The value of the prize is in direct correlation with the tier of your first three weekly upgrades, which means that opening 3 gold chests ensures a more valuable freebie than doing so with 3 silver ones.

Participate in the Weekly Raffle

A minimum of 3 weekly upgrades further qualifies you for participating in the Weekly Prize Raffle. A draw takes place once a week and promises to dish out some truly tempting rewards, either in the form or cash, items or events. On top of a grand prize of €10,000 offered every single week, one can potentially win other prizes of the same value – 1015 Digital Jukebox Sound Leisure, Harley-Davidson Street 750, a man cave bundle, or a Zanzibar & Tanzania Safari. If, for whatever reason, you dislike the item won, Casumo will allow you take the cash value instead.

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