Spinning Around the Christmas Tree

By BestOffers / December 22, 2017

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, there’s a casino called Betmotion that is dedicated to fighting the greatest evil of all: boredom. Even though this website sounds like a newcomer, it was actually created in 2009, and has been forming a strong following ever since. This is arguably why they’ve sought to provide you with some brilliant promotions, one of which is dedicated to Christmas. In all honesty, did you expect such an experienced pro to forget about this time of year? After all, there’s magic to be scored when you play the right games.

The current bonus running is called Spin the Magic of Christmas, a roulette based reward system that’ll gift you as much as $250 for every spin you make. Of course, that’s the maximum amount to score, with most of us likely to walk away with a smaller booty. Not that we mind in the slightest. As for the roulette wheel, it’s unlike any you’ve seen before, as this is the Magic Roulette, a giant wheel filled with various festive treats for anyone able to spin it.

To be in with the chance of trying your luck, you need to first make a deposit of at least $20 or more, or whatever the equivalent is in the currency you’re using, and be a registered member of the site. Should you not fancy such a rewarding gift (what is wrong with you?), you’ll have to opt out of the automatic bonuses when making your deposit. We think it’s unlikely that you’ll want to pass this opportunity by, but some of you may be looking for more traditional bonuses rather than seasonal ones. Just as with any offer, or indeed any casino, restricted countries still apply, and so some of you reading this won’t be able to relish the delights of this cheerful sweepstake.

You’ll be given a ‘new’ roulette wheel every time you deposit, which means that the positioning of prizes and their amounts will have changed as well. This has been designed to keep the promo fair and, of course, exciting for those of you making frequent allocations; nobody wants a boring Xmas promo on their hands. In spite of presenting us with a thrilling means of getting our mittens on some snow topped Christmas fun, there’s wagering requirements we need to recognise. All of the prizes come with one, with the standard figure being 25x; to find out more, you’ll need to read through the bonus terms and conditions.

The Magic Roulette will only remain open until December 25th, which only gives you a few more days to make good on this deal. Despite such a short timeframe ahead of you, we reckon you’ll be able to bag yourselves a couple of gifts between now and Monday, assuming you want to, that is. And there you have it, a nice, neatly wrapped Xmas gift from everyone at Betmotion, having been loving crafted for ease of use. Considering how hectic this part of the Christmas period is, we readily welcome any special deals that are hassle free.

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